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Official translations and legalisation of public documents, legal instruments and private documents for individuals and legal entities A necessary step for internationalisation.

The most complex challenge: translating literary works and essays, critical, informative, journalistic texts or any other type of texts for publication.

The essential momentum for overcoming linguistic barriers in the worldwide spread of knowledge: communicating science, just as essential as its results.

Word alchemy with sensory power. The art of evoking universal reactions with an infinitely distinctive, changing matter: language.

Multilingual texts for websites with style and authority. No borrowed words, no inappropriateness, no grammar errors. From a global vision attentive to the local, in search of the right word, a sign of distinction in every culture.

Advanced techniques that transmit
orality to writing and break through the
language barrier. Subtitles and
captions, legal and editorial


Professional writing for the internet. Blogs and pages that generate empathy and cultivate the art of persuasion, building your digital identity with mutual understanding. Convincing. Not misleading.

SEO writing

Optimising texts to improve their positioning on search engines. Authentic, valuable, useful content. Because the addressee is the reader, not an algorithm.

The best way of being at the forefront of your sector is to create your own distinctive content: printed, digital and audiovisual publications; online training courses; presentations, talks, lectures; newsletters, reports, studies; interviews, features, handbooks. You’ll find all this and much more in textinnova.

Writing books and articles

Books stand for in-depth knowledge in times of overwhelming shallowness. What better sign could there be of prestige and distinction? We work alongside you in writing, editing and publishing books and articles.

Coaching in collaborative writing

Imagine a service that helps you create a prestigious, forward-looking, original product, one that boosts team building and creativity. Interesting? See more about this innovative approach in textinnova.

Personal branding

A strategy that will enable you to show yourself in cyberspace exactly how you want people to see you, creating the perfect setting for participation and for conveying your uniqueness.

Custom writing

Tell us your idea and we’ll put it in writing. Each text tailored to suit its genre, its purpose, its conventions. Sensitively and accurately. Clear, precise, concise and coherent: the framework for success.

A series of operational strategies that ensure all phases of the editorial process are planned and monitored, from content preparation and organising working groups through to distributing the end product.

Analysing and reviewing aspects of the text related to structure, internal coherence, bibliographic sources and references, logical articulation of ideas, data accuracy, clarity and tone.

Thorough review processes concentrating on formal aspects (punctuation, spelling, formats and spacing, pagination, etc.), grammar (correcting syntactic structures, use of prepositions, gender, verbal forms, etc.), lexical and semantic aspects (accuracy in choice of words and in their meaning), stylistic aspects (rhythm, sound) and pragmatic aspects (register, coherence, point of view, etc.).

Professional layout of the text for publication, with a choice of the most suitable graphic elements for the content. Design and composition in physical or electronic medium. A good appearance adds value to the content and draws readers in.

Images are a hugely versatile communication tool for creating beauty, giving information and transmitting knowledge: the ideal companion to text. We offer various kinds of technical, educational, commercial and decorative illustration.

Do you have a translation of dubious quality? An unprofessional or unedited machine translation? In textinnova we can subject it to rigorous processes of editing, post-editing and rewriting to make it into a publishable text.

Study and planning company publications: scheduling content, formats, timeline and selecting media with the greatest impact.

Don’t settle for publishing press releases. Be bold and go a step further with a proposal for content with greater impact, such as interviews, features and opinion articles that can be published in specialist newspapers and magazines.

E-books are an excellent commercial resource that makes you stand out, reinforcing your corporate image, giving your company authority and improving its position on the internet with valuable content. As a complement to writing and editing, we also help you to publish your e-books in digital bookstores and platforms. You can use the book as an advertising device via a link on your website or as a gift for premium customers.


As a business model integrated in the knowledge economy, textinnova has a responsible and innovative management system based on the most advanced language technology and on a digital platform that effectively automates many tasks, leaving the professionals to concentrate on offering the best results of their creativity. Creative work demands decent working conditions. This is why we are against the practice of crowdsourcing that jeopardises employment. We combine the theoretical and practical legacy of our professional expertise with the sector's most modern resources and tools, without neglecting quality of service and an ethical view of working relations.
Each one of our services is a process comprising a number of stages. We have defined and codified each process in order to automate the most repetitive tasks as muchas possible using an advanced management system. This enables us to not only reduce work flow duration, thereby shortening delivery lead times, but also to set up uniform quality control protocols, harmonise criteria between the various project coordinators and prevent errors arising from the lack of a systematic approach or of attention. Clients have a free control panel from where they can check the status of each project, request and approve estimates, access their order history and share documentation using secure protocols.
Every little helps when it comes to supplying a flexible, fast, good quality service, as demanded by today's translation, editing and content creation market. At textinnova we rely on the most innovative language technologies to generate valuable language resources that increase the productivity, quality and added value of our services, while reducing costs and improving, in general, the experience of the client who places their trust in us. These include translation memory programs, terminology databases, voice recognition, transcription, subtitling, collaborative writing and translation, machine translation, word processing for writers, as well as other tools and applications.
textinnova unites three major professional fields that, despite their affinity, have traditionally been treated as watertight compartments, namely: (1) professional non-editorial translation, (2) the world of publishing (which also includes writing and editorial translation), and (3) the world of journalistic and advertising copywriting. The lack of connections between these three worlds is at odds with the current need to meet a huge demand for good quality multilingual editorial content, mainly in digital environments. To fill this gap, we have put together a solid multidisciplinary team of translators, writers and editors, allowing us to offer you a comprehensive service that meets the requirements set by the most demanding publications.
Because we know that time is short, we have developed specific processes to meet the demand for urgent services, even when it comes to large volume projects. Our strategy is not to split work into an endless set of micro-tasks and then delegate them to an army of linguists. The golden rule of a good express service is to know to what extent delivery can be speeded up without compromising quality. We have fine-tuned our analyses to ascertain the shortest possible lead time and the number of people who should be involved in the project. We try not to divide tasks that should be undertaken with a consistent style and, if there is no other option but to split them up, we assign a supervisor who harmonizes the criteria and the final result.
Our services are modular concepts that allow for a wide range of combinations. The four main service categories (translation, content, editing and publication), with their corresponding processes and subcategories, are interrelated to create complex interdisciplinary processes. All translation involves editing processes; every editorial service is destined to see the light in a publication; every publication is made up of content. Some of the most common formulas are shown on the estimate request form and in the rates table you will find below. If your project does not fit into any of the predefined categories, tell us your idea and we will develop a specific process for you.


Translators for subtitling conference videos

At textinnova jobs we are currently working on a project to translate subtitles for videos of conferences, round tables and briefings on medical topics....


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