Business content

Would you like to reflect your brand’s potential on your website and open up the portal to your audience? Then highlight your product, your service, your identity. Carefully strengthen the bonds within your human team. Develop and promote continuous training plans. Communicate with your company staff. Present a good project. Create an impactful advertising campaign. How? The answer is in your hands.

At textinnova we resolve your internal and external communications in the best possible way, whether you entrust us with the entire writing process from a briefing or whether you choose the collaborative writing coaching service. Plus, we offer you the possibility of publishing in different channels (digital, print or audiovisual), depending on the target audience you want to reach.

We offer you the solutions you need and we guarantee the best result. We’re an interdisciplinary team with the common denominator of quality in the creation and editing of content, no matter the type of text or the dissemination channel.

Blogs and websites

We develop your website information with the aim of positioning you in SEO as a benchmark in your sector, energising your site and giving you visibility through meaningful texts.

What’s more, we don’t just produce sequences of words to fill a virtual space, but we imprint character on your brand from the authority that comes from a rigorous process.


We create material for your training courses, whether they’re face-to-face or on e-learning platforms. We rise to the triple challenge of stimulating participation and collaboration, attracting the interest of your work group or potential clients and facilitating dynamic and interactive learning.


We prepare the presentations for your proposals and projects, your speeches, conferences and other public lectures. You contribute the ideas and we take care of expressing them in a solid argumentative and formal structure that ensures unanimous support from your audience.

Newsletters and mailings

We write all kinds of letters, emails, circulars, newsletters, invitations, announcements, etc. for you, focused on different types of recipient. We devote the time you don’t have and we take care of every detail, so your texts respond with absolute precision to the purpose they’re intended for.


We prepare your reports, minutes, memos, etc., which are frequently as important as they are urgent. After a preliminary study of the information you provide us with, we formulate your texts in accordance with the style for documents of this kind and in line with the specifications or requirements you indicate to us, so the result exceeds your expectations.


We design commercial and advertising messages to make you known, to impact with a particular promotion or stand out in a market where the competition is relentless.

We investigate the composition of your audience, we apply the most useful expressive strategies and we put creativity and high-level technique at the service of the purpose you’ve set for yourself.

And, of course, we translate your advertising into other languages using advanced transcreation techniques.

Technical documents

We write operational manuals, essential for the proper functioning of your business, activity or organisation.

We clearly and accurately expose the guidelines regarding employees’ roles and the procedures that guide corporate action, as well as other elements you consider to be essential in your process management.

Contact us. We have a customised plan for you.