Coaching in collaborative writing

What exactly is collaborative writing?

A unique process at the service of promotion and corporate image

Collaborative writing consists of the creation, by a more or less numerous group, of organisational communication material. The process follows a series of previously defined phases with the help of a communication and team management professional, until the desired objective is achieved, in other words, the final product ready for release.

It can be applied to many different purposes and can result in very diverse products, from a simple brochure to statutes, a founding act or a white paper that collects all the knowledge developed by the company and the professionals within it. It’s also suitable for producing recurring communication material, such as a magazine, an electronic newsletter or a business blog.

Texts produced through collaborative writing usually have a great impact on the communication of the company or organisation, both internally and externally, and can become real identity banners and highly prestigious promotional tools.

A creative and productive exercise in team bonding and corporate identity

Coaching in collaborative writing is:

  • a creative and productive exercise of team building and business cohesion;
  • a wonderful training to generate synergies and optimise your ability to cooperate in pursuit of common goals; and
  • and a process in which you create or reinforce a collective identity, the basis of the corporate image associated with it.

Collaborative writing coaching can be used simply as an effective team-building technique, but it often becomes much more, as it’s both a process and a finished product.

It’s the ideal tool both for setting up or redefining the processes of an activity and for devising promotional campaigns or celebratory occasions.

Unique training to celebrate the knowledge acquired while promoting the organisation

Indeed, in the trajectory of any human group (companies, organisations, associations, families, etc.) there are milestones that have to be celebrated to highlight the value of the contribution made by the group to the community. These milestones invite you to look back to recognise the path travelled, the effort made, the fruits harvested. And they also encourage you to look ahead to define where you are and where you want to go.

Collaborative writing coaching is an extraordinary tool to celebrate those moments and make them really meaningful. Playful and productive at the same time, it allows you to meet each other at a different level than usual and build the story of your common history together, recognise ourselves for who you are and what you want to be so you can continue moving forward.

Collaborative writing: Much more than an online publishing platform

Producing a text collectively is much more than working together on an online publishing platform. These platforms are very useful for certain tasks, but they don’t define – or exhaust – the richness of the collaborative creative process. This process requires:

  • motivation and enthusiasm;
  • planning;
  • individual production;
  • dialogue and coordination; and
  • final review of the product by communication professionals.

At textinnova we have computer tools that are really useful for certain phases of the process, but what we offer you more than anything is real support, a guarantee that the project will be successful and the end product effective.

We guide you up to wherever you want

To put together a collaborative writing project that produces the expected result — that is, a real communication tool that has an impact on the prestige of your corporate image — let yourself be guided by our professionals.

This guarantees you, in addition to a quality end product, that processes are optimised from the outset, to prevent unnecessary and unproductive losses of time that could even ruin the project.

At textinnova you’ll find qualified and experienced professionals, both in the area of writing and creating communication contents, as well as in team management and creativity development. Plus, we offer you a flexible service, giving you the possibility to choose how far you want us to accompany you. Here are the most common options:

  • Initial training session for the participating team and supervision of the final text to guarantee its quality and commercial effectiveness.
  • Initial training session with the participating team, intermediate coaching sessions and supervision of the final text.
  • Training sessions, supervision of the text in the intermediate and final stages, plus organisation of the production and printing process.

If, once started, the process is interrupted due to other company priorities, we also offer you the possibility of leaving it entirely in our hands at any stage, to guarantee a well-finished and good quality final product.

One training, many possibilities

Here are some examples of goals or needs for which collaborative writing coaching could be your solution:

  • You need to define new goals in your company or organisation.
  • You need to publicise a new service or product.
  • You want to generate synergy between team members around a new business service or a reorganised existing one.
  • You want to channel a team’s creativity and experience towards a clear vision, shared and taken on board by everyone concerned, by means of a textual product that can later be used to publicise, define and promote the service.
  • You want to commemorate an action, a milestone, a success.
  • You want to recognize an individual, team or business track record.
  • You want to compile your business, organisational, associative or family biography.
  • You want to publicise and promote business or organisational knowledge through a finished and prestigious corporate image product (for example, a white paper).

The list is not exhaustive. If you have other ideas or needs that we haven’t mentioned and you think collaborative writing can help you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Imagine a training service that allows you, at the same time, to:

  • Create an original, effective and prestigious promotional product.
  • Strengthen your corporate image.
  • Reinforce team bonding.
  • Develop creativity in your company or organisation.

his service is the coaching in collaborative writing provided by textinnova.