Writing articles and books

You know that your image is an intangible asset for your company or your digital identity, but how can you communicate your corporate culture or your own personality and assert yourself? How can you convey the special features that set you apart from others? How can you create a more credible bond with your audience or stakeholders? The key is writing articles and books for prestigious publications.

Journalistic writing

We write articles, reports, interviews, etc., plus original journalistic, informative or opinion texts, highlighting and emphasising what makes you different and making it your best advertising resource, while boosting your SEO through links to your website.

Writing corporate books

Using the same criteria, we write corporate books that talk about who you are, how you’re growing, what ideals define you, etc. Books with a unique intellectual style that defend the richness of language and literary tradition and project character.

We’re architects of writing and we work at the service of words to create authoritative content, which we also translate, edit, lay out and publish.

Writing scientific articles

In addition to producing generic content, we provide a specialised scientific and academic writing service. We advise and assist you in tasks such as the following:

  • Analysis and structuring of the content that will form part of the article.
  • Writing the text following academic criteria and the style standards of the publication.
  • Drafting the summary.
  • Ordering and checking citations and bibliographical references.
  • Preparing and editing the bibliography.
  • Management of bibliographic databases.
  • Translating the article into other languages.

Prestigious publications that talk about you

We put ourselves in your place and make your goal our own, so each text speaks for you and about you. Whether it’s articles, or books of various genres (biography, essay, monographic study, field diary, etc.), we guarantee you an optimal result, thoroughly authentic and impeccably presented.

To do this, we do our research and read up on background documents, we choose our words very carefully, we build a robust syntactic structure and use an elegant, correct style, as far away as possible from affected or conceited language and from the poverty of expression that predominates on the internet.

We also take care of choosing the appropriate images, after carrying out a scrupulous search and applying a selective filter, which includes paying attention to format, size, resolution and originality. Because an image positions you, both in the virtual environment and in the real world.

And just as we elaborate and illustrate the content to the highest standards, we submit each and every text to strict supervision. This process ensures the success of all aspects of your communications: knowledge transmission; contribution to the reading community in terms of innovation; promotion of your study, team, product, method, discovery, etc.; impact on the academic environment or your market niche; greater projection of your brand or your professional profile, etc.

No matter what your purpose may be, we accompany you to the finish line at the pace you set or at the rate established by your prior commitments.

Contact textinnova. We need to listen to you and get to know you. This is the first step of a challenge in which we participate actively but you’re the leading player.