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Portuguese subtitle translator for medical webinars

At textinnova jobs we are currently working on a webinar subtitling project and are looking for a subtitle translator for the EN > PT (Portugal) language pair.

The webinars deal with medical topics, so we are looking for translators and subtitlers in this field.

We are already working on the first of the videos and we urgently need to assign this job. Over the next few months we will have new videos of the same webinar series.

Webinars are held in English. The translators collaborating in the project will receive the subtitles in English and will need to translate them into European Portuguese.

Description of the job offer

  • Services required: translation of subtitles of a webinar on a medical topic
  • Languages: EN -> PT
  • Deadline: 22 April 2022, 5:00 p.m. CEST
  • Volume: 1305 words
  • On-site or off-site mode: off-site
  • Expertise: medical
  • Specific fields: any medical specialization, mainly respiratory medicine
  • Professional qualifications: translation qualification; any professional accreditation from relevant institutions, colleges and professional associations
  • Software: SDL Trados Studio or software compatible with Studio packages; Aegisub or other subtitling software
  • Location: no specific requirements
  • Native language: the translator must be a native speaker in the target language
  • Other requirements: three years of professional translation and subtitling experience
  • Employment status: self-employed worker

About textinnova

textinnova is a project that emerged in 2020, but it is backed by the long career of the professionals that make it up.

At textinnova we value excellence and outstanding quality. That is why we like to work with the best professionals.

Are you available to take part in this project? Send us your application!

This call for applications is closed


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