E-book publishing

In an increasingly digital society, electronic book publishing is gaining popularity year after year. Most mobile devices (phones, tablets) have digital book reading applications and, like e-book readers, they can store an almost unlimited number of publications.

Its instant accessibility, together with other value-added features like integrated searches and queries, explains the steady rise in the number of users who acquire and read digital books. Classic and modern books, essays and narratives, by established and new authors, books by single and various authors, corporate and institutional books, reference books, textbooks and so on.

The digital book inherits the prestige associated with high culture from the printed book and, despite the loss of a physical presence, it’s still a valuable intellectual item. It exists alongside and builds upon the printed book, just as it shares media and formats with periodical publishing and other forms of electronic publishing.

The digital book as a corporate publication

In addition to websites, blogs, newsletters and texts inserted in periodicals, companies have a need to publish analyses, reports, handbooks, studies and other content that requires extensive and in-depth handling. The ideal medium to publish these more ambitious texts (high-end publishing) is the printed and digital book.

At textinnova we help you design, write and edit any kind of book, plus we manage the production and publication of books in electronic format. These are our main corporate book editing and publishing services:

The corporate digital book, when integrated into a well-structured publication plan, gives the company prestige and authority as a benchmark in its sector, resulting in better natural positioning in the main search engines and helping to enhance any marketing strategy. Are you wondering how to approach a corporate book project? Send us your query and we’ll advise you.