Periodical publishing

Periodical publications are the main vehicle for disseminating scientific, technological and institutional activity and maintain their position in the leading news media because of the reliability of their content and their ideal format to deal with issues in depth. In printed or electronic format, with a classic distribution model or through the Internet, we need specialised magazines and newspapers more than ever, as they provide readers with truthful information, ideas and tools for tackling the challenges of our era.

Here at textinnova, we as editors are aware of the need to provide support to companies and institutions as they go about creating, editing and managing periodicals, so we’ve come up with a set of specific services in this area.

Image creation and choice

What business owner has never dreamed of having a publications department that publishes its own magazine? If you want your company to be a leader in your sector, boost your visibility through a periodical publication that will turn you into a benchmark for solvency and quality, expand your client portfolio and be useful to all readers.

We’re thinking of a magazine with specific contents related to your activity: articles written by you or by other experts chosen by you, with advice from a team that will coordinate the editing process for each issue. The magazine, either printed or digital, will be scheduled with the regularity you consider to be suitable and can be published simultaneously in several languages. Plus, it will be conceived according to a content plan that will help you position the company in search engines.

At textinnova we put an editorial team at the service of your company to make your magazine project come to life; we select and coordinate the editors, translators, proofreaders, illustrators, the designer and the layout designer, all within the framework of the company’s editorial plan and editorial policy. Specifically, we supply the following services:

  • Creating and designing the magazine project.
  • Producing and executing an editorial programme, which includes content programming, putting together a creating, editing and production calendar, plus budget costing.
  • Editorial management and coordination: selecting of the writing team and coordinating the professionals involved in the preparation of each issue.
  • Content editing, editing and proofreading, translation, editorial design and layout of the magazine.

Managing publications in newspapers and specialised magazines

Not all companies can maintain their own magazine, but many can aspire to disseminate their expertise in high-impact periodicals. Would you like to publicise your company’s innovative products or services in a newspaper or magazine in your sector?

If you want to have a media presence, don’t just settle for publishing a press release. We know that press releases end up being published in specific sections that are rarely indexed in search engines, so they don’t meet the objectives pursued by the company. Rather than publications, these articles are under-performing advertising strategies.

At textinnova we suggest a different approach. If you have something innovative to talk about, some interesting news for your community or your sector, start by presenting it in your nearest geographical area, as an example of business dynamism and innovation, by holding a focused event. The local media will want to report this this piece of news. That will provide you with an initial visibility that could make all the difference to your positioning and it’s a perfect springboard for going on to produce another publication with greater scope. We help you in this process with the following services:

  • Preparing and implementing a local media dissemination plan, which includes from designing events to contacting the media and writing or editing interviews, reports, opinion articles and other in-depth articles.
  • Advising on the choice of newspapers and specialised magazines that may be of interest to the company and contact with the media.
  • Preparing and editing articles, reports and interviews to publish in specialised magazines within the sector.

Content marketing in periodical publications

In addition to high-level publications such as the ones described in the previous sections, companies need to produce other editorial content that helps them stay in touch with their customers. At textinnova we can create, edit and produce the following types of periodicals:


A newsletter is a communication summarising the company's most important news: newsworthy events, innovations in products and services, special offers and expertise that may be useful for readers. It serves as a loyalty tool and is a basic platform for talking about what your company is doing.

In this area we provide the following services:

  • Newsletter publication plan.
  • Designing and editing the newsletter.
  • Drafting, translating, correcting and designing layout for newsletters.


Publishing blog posts has become an essential tool for energising and positioning company websites, but the effect can be counterproductive if not planned and prepared correctly.

textinnova puts a team of editors at your service to make your blog into a space with a high number of hits. Why? The secret lies in our method:

  • First of all, we develop a blog post publication plan, structured into categories, with a calendar and an internal link structure governed by logic and usefulness.
  • Secondly, we meet with your company team to find out how you work, what areas of your activity you're interested in telling readers about, what sets you apart from other companies in the sector, etc. After that, we produce a set of ideas that we'll develop when writing the content.
  • Thirdly, we write your blog posts to high publication standards, because we're a team of professional writers and editors.
  • If you wish, we deliver the content simultaneously in different languages, thanks to our team of editorial and website translators.
  • We can scale the blog to the exact requirements of your company, with the frequency you want, with a larger or smaller team according to your needs.

Social media

In the social media sphere, we're committed to a properly planned publication model based on the dissemination of small doses of information of interest to your followers. We offer you:

  • A social media publications plan.
  • Content preparation, editing and translation.
  • Image creation and choice.
  • Managing interaction with followers.

Here at textinnova, we avoid shallowness and we're committed to making the internet a great editorial space that hosts useful publications, where readers can find the information they're looking for.